maart 2013: Verslag uit Bangladesh

Het verslag van Sumita Choudhury, Ainunnahar Nilima en Saila Sharmin liza is nu hier beschikbaar – in het Engels. Het geeft een overzicht van alle activiteiten van het Santeen Project (Persoonlijke Hygiëne en Gezondheid voor Tieners) in Bangladesh van 2012.

Samenvatting (uit het document):

This document is the final report accounting for our activities. The health Awareness
and Hygiene for Adolescents program is an extra curricular education initiative and
consists of 3 aspects :
1. Classroom sessions accompanied with teachers meetings
2. Counselling sessions
3. Teachers workshops (and refresher course)
The first chapter is “at a glance”, with information on the number of participants. The next chapter gives an overview of the locations and contact persons of the schools, followed by a chapter with detailed information about the activities per school. In the last chapter you will find a short summary with feedback and evaluation remarks and 3 case stories illustrating the effects of the program.

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